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Moving can be overwhelming. No matter how much time you allow, it’s hard to keep track of everything. This move in checklist will help you reduce stress, keep track of loose ends, and stay calm, cool and collected while moving into your new home.

  • Check in with your apartment manager to perform an apartment walkthrough and get your apartment key, if you have not done so already. If you have made any special move-in arrangements, confirm those details with your apartment manager.
  • Set up your utilities at your new apartment. Utilities to set up may include phone, power, and cable/satellite.
  • Confirm appointments with cable or Internet services.
  • Check to make sure the necessary utilities have been hooked up.
  • Check with your moving company or truck rental company to determine what you can’t move. Make special moving arrangements for these items.
  • If using a moving company, confirm preferred method; cash, check or credit.
  • Take inventory to make sure no items were damaged during move.  Then sign any necessary paper work, keeping copy of record for yourself.

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